Music for the Soul

G.P. — I cannot remember to play music when I am alone. But last night, I did and I found it relaxing. I turned on the music on my cellphone while taking a bath and then while breastfeeding my toddler and I felt good–elated in fact. I would like to download more acoustic stuff. I wouldn’t need to buy musicians friend acoustic guitars to enjoy it.

Maybe Colbie Caillat music? Or Jason MRaz? Those feel good tunes. I love them! 😀

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Sax Music

G.P. I really like sax music. It is so relaxing. I used to have cassette tapes of a couple of famous Filipino sax players.

Now it is the internet. Youtube is such a haven. hihi

Anyway, if you are a saxophonist, please know that you can check out a vandoren online. If you are lucky, you just might get a nice treat. 😀

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