Getting a Hagstrom

G.P. — You might be a professional guitarist or just an enthusiast playing music to yourself when you are alone, the Hagstrom is a brand that you should check. You can easily search for it online and read reviews about it. This seems to be a good brand.

If you are convinced about the Hagstrom, you can get one here. This would be a good Christmas gift for yourself.

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Diverse Musical Instruments

G.P. — If you are a musician, it would be nice to try different kinds of intruments. Like for example the Canadian band, Walk Off The Earth. I really enjoy their music. And I enjoy the fact that they make use of different kinds of musical instruments to make their songs.

The result is a nice combination of harmonious sounds created by different instruments made of wood, metal, glass, strings, and such. One such instrument is the bass clarinet.

For this and other interesting string instruments, do visit Guitar Center online.

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Painful Feet From Too Much Weight

My feet are really painful. It feels like the pain comes from the bones of my feet.

This is especially apparent in the morning, right after I wake up. When I step on the floor, I would cringe and then I would limp going to the toilet. But after a while of walking around, the pain would go away.

I could cite many reasons for this, but I think that the main reason for this is my weight. I have a heavy torso but my legs and feet are so small, so naturally, my extremities will feel the brunt of it.

And it doesn’t help that I am carrying around my youngest daughter most of the time. She is not really that heavy but because of my weight plus hers, then my feet are taking the toll.

Sigh…I know, I should lose weight. hehe That is the most logical solution. I so wish…

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