Lack of Sleep Makes One Sick

I would like to sleep like my baby–no care in the world! haha Even for just a night….like tonight, perhaps?

Children love to stay up as late as possible because of some TV show or computer game or hobby that they want to complete. They may be told to sleep early by their parents and they may follow but in their hearts they know that it is against their will.

For adults, though, they needed to stay up as late as possible because of certain deadlines to beat. Most adults will skip watching late night TV shows just to be able to get enough sleep. Especially for moms with small children down to the youngest newly born, having enough sleep is already considered rare. Like me, if given the chance, I would rather sleep. But then again, it is now a luxury for me because when the little one sleeps, that is the time that I start working.

But I know that having enough sleep is very important. Being able to sleep at least 8 hours a day without interruption means that a person is able to experience the REM state. That is when one gets to reach the dream state and rapid eye movement happens. That is the time when the body repairs itself. When we are awake and do our daily chores, and routines. We eat and drink. But these do not really contribute to our well being if we do not rest. A good workout would be nothing without sleep. It will just tear our muscles. But having enough sleep is what rejuvenates the body.

I would also like to mention that sleeping in darkness also produces melatonin that helps in warding off cancer. That is why it is also important to be sleeping at night rather than in the daytime.

Make it a habit to sleep at night. Get at least 8 hours of straight sleep, otherwise, you will be ripped off of good health sooner than later.

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Plastic Surgery for the Perfect Selfie

Celebrities like Nicki Minaj and Miley Cyrus are selfie proponents. Photos from the internet.

I have since written about it that I would never go under the knife just because I wanted to look pretty. I am soooo scared of the procedure and the recovery that happens afterwards. Besides, I don’t think it would be good management of our resources. I am not a celebrity and therefore do not need it.

That is why I am close (close, okay?) to aghast when I learned that there is a new trend nowadays–people undergo cosmetic surgery in order to look good in selfies. Oh my G! If the selfie isn’t narcissistic enough, here comes a new trend! Oh I could rant and rant about this. But…never mind.

While we cannot really say what is overboard in cases like this because after all, that is their body. But sometimes, we could also use some suggestions that could get us thinking. Would this really be beneficial to you and your health? Wouldn’t there be side effects? Could you afford it? Wouldn’t you have better things to do with your money? Wouldn’t you rather that other people would be blessed because of what you have? Would a perfect selfie portrait be really worth all the trouble? Will you not regret all of these in the near future?

If you probably think that having cosmetic procedures to have a better selfie shot is a good use of your money, then by no mean do it. It is not my accountability or responsibility.

But I have one thing to say–before you do this, think about it many, many times over. Think about the repercussions of this action. If you are going to take out a loan in order to do this, then you cannot afford it at all.

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Drink Water to Relieve Body Pains

Make it a rule: a glass of water after every pee. Photo from the internet.

We used to hear our parents tell us: DRINK WATER. In Health and Science class in elementary and high school we are told: DRINK 8 GLASSES of water every day.

But not too many people follow this rule about water. There are several reasons why many are not able to drink enough water every day. Those who go out to work, be it in the office or on the road as a sales person, drinking water will only make people look for the restroom. That is what makes it a hassle. So, instead of drinking, they let their body thirst. But without enough water, dehydration will take place. And when that happens, the body functions less than it should. That is when we experience body pains.

Yes, most of the body pains that we feel are a result of lack of water in the body. Add to that the daily diet that is not even healthy to begin with, so there is no easy way for the body to reject and flush the garbage that a light water drinker just ate. While colored water like soda, coffee and artificial juices contain water, it is not enough to flush the added garbage that was just taken into the body. We need drinking water.

As a result, headache, migraine, painful joints, asthma, heart ailments, diabetes, UTI, kidney failure, lower back pains, and all other sorts of pains and ailments are suffered by the light water drinker.

If you are experiencing these aches and pains, you will need more water than the average person. Go on a water therapy. Drink at least 10 to 15 glasses a day to cleanse yourself until urine is light yellow to clear in color. To maintain a healthy endocrine system, drink a glass of water every time you just peed. Drinking slowly, like 3 gulps every 5 minutes. This will help the body absorb the water instead of just peeing it out as fast as it came in.

Make it a rule in your life: Drink a glass of water after every pee.

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