Sax Music

G.P. I really like sax music. It is so relaxing. I used to have cassette tapes of a couple of famous Filipino sax players.

Now it is the internet. Youtube is such a haven. hihi

Anyway, if you are a saxophonist, please know that you can check out a vandoren online. If you are lucky, you just might get a nice treat. 😀

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Buy a New Les Paul Guitar

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This site has quite an extensive collection of products that you just might buy more than the bass guitar. You might also chance upon free shipping, if you’re lucky. Visit them today, they might have what you are looking for.

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Manage Asthma by Breathing the Right Way

My father with my mother and my youngest daughter. He has had asthma most of his life.

Patients with asthma have suffered either since childhood or during adulthood. The former is usually due to the genes (congenital) and the other is acquired through unhealthy habits and practices that trigger attacks. Some are sensitive to allergens or physical strain like exercise and too much laughter. In my father’s case, it was a motorcycle accident.

It has been concluded that asthma could not be treated completely. But it can just be managed. They say that using inhalers or taking tablets just suppress the attack to a certain calm by dilating the airway.

When one has asthma and is prone to an attack anytime, that means that the immune system is weak and is incapable of suppressing the attacks. If nothing is done to correct the source of the attacks, the situation will only worsen. However, knowing how to breathe the right way will help in managing the attacks.

Always breathe through the nose and do it slowly. This means that you inhale and exhale through the nose. If inhaling is done through the mouth, the person misses the stimuli carried to the reflex nerves that control breathing, which only happens through the nose. Meanwhile, exhaling through the mouth gets more air out right away in a shorter span of time therefore the processing of oxygen is shortened. Also, maximize the use of the lungs by taking in the air to reach the lower lungs. This means that the stomach should be expanding when inhaling, not the chest.

With this breathing habit, it will be easier to manage asthma attacks. But of course, you will be in a much better situation with the proper diet, right exercise, and enough sleep.

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