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Nine Ear Facts You Should Know Before Needing a Hearing Aid

Every part of our body is important. However, when they are working properly, then most likely, they will just be taken for granted. Take our ears for example, as long as we can hear fine and do not need a … Continue reading

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Fad Diets: Lose Weight Fast

There are many kinds of fad diets that are guaranteed to make you lose weight fast. The problem however, is keeping the weight off. Additionally, there are some health risks involved here. But just so you know, here are some … Continue reading

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14-Day No-Carb Diet

Perhaps the most effective diet for me in losing weight is the no-carb diet. Nope, it is not low-carb diet, but no-carb diet. And no sugar, too. Waaaa….I was not able to complete the whole two weeks. I just couldn’t … Continue reading

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