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New Pregnancy Craze: The Mommy-rexic

Okay, we know about anorexia nervosa and we know that many people have this affliction. But it is so different when you are pregnant. Women gain weight during pregnancy because of bloating, water retention, and of course increased in appetite … Continue reading

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The Biggest Loser Philippines: New Inspiration

It is nice to watch The Biggest Loser Philippines Edition on late night TV. While watching the contestatns break their backs in order to beat the challenges, my sister-in-law and I also try work out as much as we can. … Continue reading

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Flouride Calcification causes Alzheimer’s disease and Hormonal Imbalance

Fluoride is more than just the element that makes our teeth strong. But it is also present in the water that we drink, artificial drinks, non stick cookware, and in drugs like Prozac (fluoxetine) as well as fluoroquinolone antibiotics. The … Continue reading

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