40 Nutrient-Packed Foods that You Should Have Regularly

While a lot of people are combating Obesity, the more pressing concern would be eating right and eating healthy. I found this article at menshealth.com and they listed 40 foods that claim are “super foods” because of their nutritional content. Here they are:

1. Alaskan King Crab
2. Dried Plums
3. Bok Chou
4. Oysters
5. Bananas
6. Kiwis
7. Broccoli
8. Spinach
9. Leeks
10. Artichokes
11. Tea or Green Tea
12. Chili Peppers
13. Ginger
14. Blueberries
15. Cinnamon
16. Sweet Potatoes
17. Tomatoes
18. Figs
19. Mushrooms
20. Pomegranates
21. Quinoa
22. Grass-fed Beef
23. Non-fat Ricotta
24. Tofu
25. Lentils
26. Eggs
27. Greek-style Yogurt
28. Quorn
29. Chocolate Milk
30. Wild Salmon
31. Pineapples
32. Olive oil
33. Bing Cherries
34. Dark Chocolate
35. Turmeric
36. Wild Fatty Fish
37. Flaxseed
38. Almonds
39. Apples
40. Whole Grains

The right combination of these foods will give our bodies the nutrients that it needs to work well in all aspects. And our supplements would be just that–functioning as supplements. They are no longer our main sources of nutrition but our foods. Of course, it is much more fun to eat different kinds of delicious foods than just down a handful of supplements.

Eating a good amount of these super foods will greatly improve the quality of our lives because our health is at its optimum.

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