5 Nutrients that Men Need but Don’t Get Enough Of

Healthy Foods for a Healthy Body

Healthy Foods for a Healthy Body

I have read an article by Bill Philips that there are five nutrients that most men do not get enough of in their diet. And as a result, their minds and muscles are not working properly so that they will produce the optimum in their lives.

So what are these nutrients and where will we get enough of them?

The sun vitamin as we know it is not just good for the bones but it is also helps prevent a heart attack or stroke. That is because Vitamin reduces the inflammation in the arteries that cause these fatal attacks. And a good fact is that, Vitamin D actually reduces body fast, especially belly fat.
Vitamin D is created in the body when the sun’s ultraviolet B rays get through the skin. But our storage gets depleted when winter time comes so by the end of winter, Vitamin D levels are already very low. The best answer is to eat foods rich in Vitamin D like salmon, mackerel, and tuna, eggs, and milk. But to ensure that you get enough, do take supplementation.

This mineral is involved in more than 300 body processes. And if we do not have enough of it, our blood levels of C-reactive protein may increase, which can lead to heart disease. To get more magnesium in our diet, we should eat spinach, navy beans, and halibut as well as to have about 250mg of magnesium supplement.

To protect our brain and keep it in optimum health, we should have proper amounts of Vitamin B12. Those with low levels of this B vitamin lost brain volume faster rate than those who maintained a good dose. Get large doses of B12 from fortified cereals, lamb, and salmon.

Potassium is the mineral that helps our cells utilize glucose for our energy source. Without this mineral, our hearts will stop beating, our muscles would not contract, and our brains could not think. That is why when we are low in potassium, we collapse. A good source of potassium would be avocado. Just half an avocado already contains about 500 mg of potassium. Meanwhile, you can also opt for banana with about 400 mg. Eating a large potato could also do the trick.

Iodine is required by the thyroid gland in order to produce the T3 and T4 hormones. These hormones are responsible for helping the body burn off calories. Not getting enough iodine may lead to weight gain weight and fatigue.

Not all iodized salt have enough iodine. And since too much sodium is not good either, it would be good to drink milk and to eat seafood.

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