Angry Eating

I am angry therefore I eat. After screaming my heart out at my daughter for refusing to stop crying, I am eating.

I am soooo frustrated. She already puked once and it spread on a large part of the floor where lots of things are–that she scattered. So I decided to give her Solmux with Carboceistine and Salbutamol. She refused. At first she threw up because she had lots of phlegm. I thought that was good. I tried to convince her to take her medicine, 2, 3, up to the 4th time. She would not swallow it but would rather let it out of her mouth.

We had medicine and vomit all over the floor. She had medicine all over her body. Sigh…And she would not stop crying. I felt my blood rush to my head. Now I am having a headache and sore throat for screaming so much.

I love my daughter but sometimes she is just impossible to deal with. Right now she is sleeping and looks angelic and I really feel bad for shouting at her. I really don’t want to do it but I am so helpless. Sigh…now I am depressed.

I ate a sandwich of white bread with a generous serving of Cream Cheese Spread filling, half a big pack of Squid crackers, and a bar of Choco Mucho dark chocolate with caramel. Okay, so who’s on a diet?

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2 Responses to Angry Eating

  1. MARIA SIGRID says:

    mommies and pretty much everyone else: I am announcing that i now have a blog contest for Mother's Day that I hope you can join.

    Remembering Mama Contest

    thanks for the support!

    • Keyaan says:

      whoa! you gotta slow down there with the angry eating. that is destructive.

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