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NasoClear Nasal Spray for Prevention of Allergic Rhinitis

Allergic rhinitis is a problem here at home for my husband, my eldest daughter and myself. In the past, NasoClear was given to us in order to clear clogged nostrils and aid in breathing normally during those times when we … Continue reading

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Juicing Fruts and Vegetables

Since the emergence of fast food chains, more and more people have chosen the fast-serving avenue in exchange for the time that they can use right now for something else than preparing healthy food. When the fast food chains became … Continue reading

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April Fools’ Fitness Day 3 and 4

This morning, I weighed myself and guess what? I already lost almost a pound! And it has only been four days. In the fact, I would feel bad about this because in my no-carb diet, I could lose a pound … Continue reading

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