Avoid Foods That Can Cause Stroke

A Stroke can occur anytime and without warning. It is the Number 3 killer condition in the United States and the number continues to increase. A stroke happens when a blood vessel in the brain or going to it is blocked by a blood clot or when it just simply bursts because of too much pressure. When this happens, the brain cells are starved of oxygen and nutrients.

If your family has a history of stroke, you might as well avoid these five foods that can cause a stroke, which I have read from Yahoo health.

1. Junk food like crackers, chips, pastries and baked foods
There is a reason why crackers and chips are called junk foods. They have little or no nutrients and they are even harmful. These two, along with pastries and baked goodies are saturated with trans fats from hydrogenated oils. These oils are commonly used because they can stay solid at room temperature and therefore do no need to be refrigerated. You can also scrap those foods that list partially hydrogenated oils on their labels. Some common examples of these foods, aside from chips are pre-mix stuffing, frozen foods, microwaveable popcorn, cake mixes, and whipped stuff for toppings.

Research have always shown that trans fats are artery-blockers that contribute to the lipid concentration and the increase in bad cholesterol in our blood stream. So let us better stay away from them.

2. Processed Meats, Especially the Smoked Ones
The process of preserving meats involve a lot of salt. Additionally, these are all filled with sodium nitrate and nitrite, which are all used in food preservation. These all contribute to stroke.

3. Diet soda
While diet sodas allow you to take these drinks even if you have high blood sugar, it seems that it is not a good diet staple. It was discovered in a study that drinking a can of diet soda daily will increase the risk of stroke to about 48%.

4. Red meat
Red meat has high saturated fat content. And now that winter is coming, do avoid eating huge amounts of red meat. If you can, do not eat red meat every day. Aim to substitute red meat with white meat.

5. Canned foods
Canned foods and soups are high in sodium and therefore can contribute to stroke. The best thing to do is to prepare fresh meals at home.

But as always, as is my belief, as long as we eat things in moderation, we won’t have a problem with excesses. There is nothing wrong with sampling the roast pork, steak, smoked turkey or other dangerous stuff, as long as we limit our intake to maybe a matchbox size. And if possible, let us avoid eating them every day. That should keep stroke and other ailments at bay.

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