Clomid Worked and Ovulation Happened

Only God knows how long I had not ovulated. Sometimes I have a period, sometimes I don’t. And in those times that I did have a menstruation, it is not even sure if I had an ovulation because I do not get a blood flow.

My menstrual cycle had been really erratic and the cycle is literally non-existent because a cycle is supposed to be constant. I could not track my ovulation period or use an ovulation calendar because ovulation does not happen at all. And to think that I already have one child.

But my OB-Gyne had me on Clomid 50mg for five days, starting on Day 5 of my cycle. By the way, she had me on Provera for 5 days before that so that my body will be induced to have a menstruation. It did occur on Day 12 from taking Provera, which was already quite late, but at least it happened. That is what I get for having PCOS.

My schedule for a follicle scan was on Day 15 of my LMP, which is today. I did not want to undergo it because it will be done trans-vaginally, and I don’t like that. But my husband thought that it would be nice to know so I went. And thankfully, this time the experience was much nicer because I went to a different clinic.

Anyway, I am so thankful because indeed, I ovulated! Whoopeee!!! I have a single dominant follicle and it was quite big that the doctor said it looks good and is about to pop. My endometrium is at 1.4cm and it is good of conducive for implantation. Will I expect implantation bleeding soon? We’ll see. hehe

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One Response to Clomid Worked and Ovulation Happened

  1. Shengkayful says:

    buti na lang ako regular talaga period ko..I have friend nga din mommy minsan as in 6months wala syang wonder till now la pa rin silang baby ng hubby nya..
    so regualr na po ba monthly period mo?..
    minsan its scary din if irreg no?..parang feeling ko something is wrong with my ovary..

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