Curvy Seems to be Good for me

I have also tried slimming coffees. Yeah, I know, I am desperate. But not desperate enough to get off my bum and start working out. Maybe I should really re-think the whole thing and change my mindset about weight loss.

Anyway, Curvy seems to be working well for me. My appetite has certainly decreased and I was pumping with energy. It seems that I just want to move and move. And I can think faster because my mind is sharper.

My husband said that I am also sort of elated, like I am always in a good mood throughout the day. I love the feeling of having good humor all day. hihihi I am excited.

I am also very thirsty so I drink a lot of water. Sigh…I really hope that this will continue.

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6 Responses to Curvy Seems to be Good for me

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  2. Maya says:

    So did it work?

  3. Lovellia says:

    so how was it??? it’s my first day drinking curvy. it does curb my appetite. i don’t feel hungry and i don’t feel like eating either. coz normally even though i’m not hungry, i eat because i’m bored or because it’s my favorite food; i just have to eat it. haha. update me your weight loss. thank u.

  4. Health Conscious says:

    hello! thanks for your replies.

    an update: i stopped taking it because i got constipated and i had trouble falling asleep. my friend said that maybe i need to drink more water but i had already been drinking a lot and i dunno how much more i should. anyway, i will be writing another story because surprisingly, since 2 weeks ago, i just found out that i don’t want to eat anymore. without taking anything, my appetite has diminished and i am making healthier food choices.

    i really wonder why. but just enjoying it. i lost about 3 lbs already and it is the holidays! 😀

  5. ressy dequina says:

    almost 2 mos. im using this curvy orange slimming juice and i lost 14 lbs now, my question is; how long i need to take this product? is their any side effects of using this for a long period of time?tnx

  6. Susie Emeterio says:

    I have been taking this juice since January, but it is on & off, I mean not religiously and continously, it did well on me as I lose 3 lbs or more, it became noticeable also. But I’ve been reading some articles that it should not be used for more than 3 months and for those with high blood pressure etc…. so I think I will stop it now. But really, this juice will surely suppress your appetite… I believe this conditioned our mind to eat only when hungry so I’m sure having this habit for months now I can now manage my eating habits without this product :-)

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