Eat Less, Move More

When I got really thin in the past, my only weight loss motto was “Eat less, Move more.” And it worked.

I used to work in an office with air conditioning all day. That means, we don’t get to sweat. So what did I do to lose weight?

I controlled my food intake. I did not inhibit myself from eating certain kinds of foods, in fact, I ate everything, but in moderation. I guess that is just the trick. If there is anything that I avoided, that is softdrinks. As much as possible, I took only water and fruit juices, but not soft drinks. I get fat easily with these carbonated drinks.

Our office building then was in two floors. My table was placed on the second floor but the pantry and the restroom are both on the ground floor. I am not sure how many times I did this throughout the day but I would fill up a glass of water and place it on the side of my computer. Then I would drink it whenever I get thirsty, or like every 45 minutes to an hour. When I feel the urge to pee, I would go down to the ground floor and take my glass with me to fill up again.

After relieving myself, I would do some stretching or arm circles or bending inside the toilet. (Thank God we had an immaculately clean toilet.) I would stay there for maybe 3-5 minutes. Nothing inconspicuous. Then I would bring my glass with me upstairs and followed the same routine. This practice helped me burn calories even while staying in an air conditioned office because I intentionally find a reason to stand up.

I would take the jeep going to work. Instead of going down in front of our office building, I would often stop the jeep about 3-4 blocks away so that I was walk the rest of the way. In the afternoon, I would often skip one ride. That saved me some pocket money and burned me some calories.

So I just followed this. I moved my body through work or other things. I kept busy. I did not have to spend money to go to the gym or waste my time because I exercised while I worked.

I wish I could do it again here in our bedroom. And of course, I wish that I had my discipline back then.

Tonight, we just came back from a party where my mother also attended. My tummy was really full because I got really hungry and she told me that I am already very fat and asked if I am no longer on a diet.

Ahhhh…I really want to. I hope I can start again tomorrow. Please…pretty please…do it for yourself.

Today is Easter Sunday. I was able to control my eating for breakfast and lunch. But when dinnertime came, I was soooo hungry that I stuffed myself with the party food. And the food were all unhealthy foods. Gee. I believe that nothing is bad as long as we eat them moderately. But what I ate was not moderate at all!

Anyway, I am looking for asparagus recipes, a quiche recipe, and a recipe for green bean casserole. These are healthy, vegetable based recipes that are healthy but not as calorific. This menu should not just be for Easter peeps. This should be maintained for a healthy lifestyle.

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