Fad Diets: Lose Weight Fast

There are many kinds of fad diets that are guaranteed to make you lose weight fast. The problem however, is keeping the weight off. Additionally, there are some health risks involved here. But just so you know, here are some fad diets that you can try. If you want, you can only do them once in a while, like just to jump start your weight loss program. But certainly, there are far more effective diet plans out there than these fad diets.

No Carb Diet

The no-carb diet is actually very effective in making you lose one pound a day, as long as you faithfully follow the program. As the name suggests, you avoid all kind of food that is made of predominantly carbohydrates, like rice, bread, pasta, as well as all sugars. Use only artificial sweeteners as opposed to real sugar. Eat only proteins and vegetables. Do this for a maximum of 14 days only and you are guaranteed to lose 14 lbs. A word of caution though, you can get really cranky because of lack of sugar.

Soup Diet

You ingest only liquids. You can have any kind of soup as long as you do not eat the solids. You can make your own or use those store-bought soups. But the latter have a high sodium content so you must drink a lot of water.

Cabbage Soup Diet

This is also just soup primarily made of cabbage. The problem with this diet, however, is that you will be seriously depleting your body with a lot of nutrients needed to make it working smoothly.

Milk and Cookie Diet

You drink low-fat milk and eat high-fiber cookies. You will just have to limit your intake, however, as to the prescribed number of cookies and glasses of milk throughout the day.

Bread and Water Diet

You do not take anything but a piece of bread and water every meal. This is really tough and takes a lot of discipline, but will really make you lose weight fast.

These are just some of the fad diets out there but of course, there are more. But these are not the healthy ways to lose weight. The best diet plans are those that do not just make you lose weight but also those that make you live healthily.

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