Getting a Heart Attack at Heart Attack Grill

Heart Attack Grill

Heart Attack Grill in Las Vegas. Photo by Julie Jacobson / Associated Press.

The name of the restaurant itself is already speaking for its menu. So I believe that you will have to eat there at your own risk, especially if you already have heart problems and have been advised by your doctor that you are prone to heart attacks because of your health.

You see, the Heart Attack Grill located in downtown Las Vegas is committed to serving food that your doctor has been warning you over and over again. Their menu disclaimer says that their food is guaranteed to “clog arteries, expand waistlines and lead to the loss of lovers.” Customers are called patients, servers are called nurses, while the food is called prescription. It is actually a nice marketing concept–but bad for the health.

But despite all the clear and present signs of danger when you eat at that restaurant, a man ate there on Saturday night and had a heart attack. The man ordered a “triple bypass burger” and after awhile of eating, felt chest pains and began sweating and shaking.

And would you believe? The Heart Attack Grill even has a whopping 8,000-calorie burger called the “quadruple bypass”. It contains four half-pound patties and eight slices of cheese. Their fries are called “flatline” fries because these are cooked in lard. And the best part is, they serve free meals to those who weigh more than 350 lbs.

I don’t really mind this because honestly, this restaurant has pulled the plugs in disclosing that they are actually serving unhealthy foods. This is so unlike other dining establishments that claim they serve healthy food but which are in fact high in fats, cholesterol, and sugar.

So the point of the matter is, if you are already at risk, then avoid this restaurant altogether or just eat a small portion. Or share an order with someone. I think four people would really feel full with a quadruple bypass burger. Nothing is too dangerous if taken in moderation. And I believe that I can enjoy a burger at the Heart Attack Grill as long as I don’t go there every day and I don’t finish a single order.

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One Response to Getting a Heart Attack at Heart Attack Grill

  1. LOURDES says:

    If you eat there you should bring your medicines with you. Also, eat everything in moderation.

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