Harvard Study Blesses Fat and Shuns Low-Fat Diet

Some scientists from the Harvard University are shunning the low fat diet and are actually saying that fat is not the problem.

We had been bombarded with low fat versions of food but they say that in the end, these can actually become more dangerous than high-fat foods because of the “extra amount of carbohydrates and sugars used to compensate from the absence of fat,” according to Yahoo health.

In a collaborative effort with the Culinary Institute of America (CIA), researchers from the Harvard School of Public Health have developed five muffin recipes that are made with healthy fats and whole grains and that contain less salt and sugar. They have pointed out the muffin because a regular blueberry muffin may have an average of 450 calories. But a low-fat version may have the same amount of calories and is more likely to contain for carbs, sugar, and sodium. You may feel less guilty eating a low-fat dish like you are not worrying about debt, but then you realize that it is not all it is claiming to be.

Next time, instead of opting for low fat options, why not consider healthier meals? You are far safer in the healthy zone with healthy options.

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One Response to Harvard Study Blesses Fat and Shuns Low-Fat Diet

  1. Divine C. says:

    Our body also needs some fat, but of course not too much. Unnecessary fats cannot be burned on eating only low-fat menu but rather do regular exercise. It is good for the heart also. (Hey, is it me talking about exercise? I need to walk the talk! Hahaha)

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