High Blood Pressure for Me

My average BP is only 90/50 or 100/50 or 100/60. Today had been really hot and humid, and thanks to the brownout, we also did not have aircon. During lunchtime, we had roasted liempo and  kansi (beef soup). When afternoon came, I took a nap but when I woke up, I already feel a headache creeping up.

By around 5:30pm, it was a full blown headache already. I had my blood pressure checked and it shot up to 129/89 on a digital BP apparatus. While it may not be high for other people, that is already high for me. Last time, it hit 110/75 and I already felt my nape tightening.

Sigh…I really should lose weight and change my eating habits. No more fatty stuff like cheesy pizza, chicken skin, and pork fat, which I so love. I would eat the fat of pork barbecue while the rest of the people disregard it.

So tonight when we went to SM, I bought some Skyflakes Fit crackers and I only had chicken meat, lettuce, and cucumber for dinner. I also bough San Mig Coffee Pro Slim. I need to get this going.

My daughter, who had gained some weight lately, only ate cucumber because she heard her aunt telling her that she is already heavy. Tsk tsk. At least Dindin had the good sense to immediately go on a diet. If only I have her discipline.

I really think that I need a drastic change of lifestyle. Our doctor friend told me once that I should at least endeavor to get my heart rate up with some physical exercise, even if it is only 15 minutes a day. He suggested going up and down the stairs of our 3rd floor home. He said that should affect my health for the better, as well as my mood.

And well, I better sleep early tonight. So ta-ta!

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