Holiday Weight Loss

Most people talk about holiday weight gain but it is just the opposite in my case–holiday weight loss.

You see, I had the most hectic holiday season this year. We attended many parties, had many activities, and we were pretty much out most of the day. And before I got out, you know that I have to fix the bed, ready the baby, ready myself, and take her down three flights of stairs. You can just imagine how many times we went up and down the stairs.

Because I got so busy, I was dead-tired by midnight. Sometimes I continued to blogged, sometimes I just hit the sack in exhaustion.

And because I was so busy, I did not have the appetite to eat. I could only munch at some things and just get on with the meal. Or sometimes, I would skip dinner all throughout especially if I had heavy snacks.

All in all, I lost weight. It was not much but considering that most people gain weight during Christmas, that is already a feat.

Happy New Year!

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