How to Take Kids to Visit the Dentist for the First Time

Family Dentist

Going to the dentist need not be a scary experience for kids

Many kids associate a dental visit as a dreadful event. They picture out a family dentist as a monster with those scary-looking dental equipment.

The problem is, kids are often brought to the doctor when they are already agonizing over their tooth decay and they need an extraction. A toothache can already be unbearable for a young child and the thought of going to somebody who will probably just inflict more pain through tooth extraction is not a very attractive idea for young children.

Since children will just have to inevitably make a visit to the dentist because of the shedding of the milk teeth, for cleaning purposes, or for the filling of their damaged teeth, why not bring them to the dentist before they have a bout with tooth decay?

Here is what you should do.

1. Schedule a family visit to the family dentist like when your child is already around three years old (assuming that he still does not have tooth decay at this point).

2. You and your spouse can have teeth cleaning and show your child that you are enjoying the experience. You can chat casually with the dentist and talk about how your teeth are.

3. Then you can have the dentist give your child a dental checkup. It may not have to be an invasive procedure. You can just ask the doctor to give your child’s mouth some poking while he gives him some encouraging remarks.

4. If the child already knows how to gargle, allow him to do so and to spit the water out in the spittoon nearby.

Let him go through the process without the pain and surely, the next “real visit” to the family dentist will be an easier one. And needless to say, the most you expose your child to the dentist and dental care, the more that he will be concerned with his teeth and the less likely that he will actually have tooth decay.

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