Losing 7 Lbs Over the Holidays

While most people gain weight over the holidays, I lost a total of 7 lbs. It was not really that intentional, but a happy side effect. I am already overweight by 25 lbs, so it is already no joke.

But during the holidays, I got so tired with all the activities that I no longer have appetite to eat. And the going out was just too tiring for me.

Now the problem is maintaining this and losing the rest of the excess pounds.

What am I doing? I am avoiding carbonated drinks because they are just empty calories. As much as possible, I eat less or no rice at all. I do not deprive myself of foods so that I will not have cravings. Instead, I eat a little of everything. I also sometimes take senna herb tea just to help in my bowel movement because I find it difficult to do so in my normal capacities.

And well, I try to move around more.

Hopefully, despite the slow pace, I will lose weight in considerable amounts when my child turns 3 in March. That way, I will look nicer in photos. LOL

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