New Pregnancy Craze: The Mommy-rexic

Victoria Beckham pregnant

Victoria Beckham is the classic example of Mommy-rexia

Okay, we know about anorexia nervosa and we know that many people have this affliction. But it is so different when you are pregnant.

Women gain weight during pregnancy because of bloating, water retention, and of course increased in appetite that is brought about the hormonal imbalances and surges. That is why when you see a reed-thin pregnant woman, you would really get worried about her health but most especially of her baby.

In the United States, this is becoming to be a new trend, thanks to the Hollywood moms who want to shed their pregnancy weight after giving birth. While it is fine for them because they can afford to hire trainers, nutritionists, and nannies for their children, the regular mom that strives to be like them could really end up with a lot of post-pregnancy stress. Additionally, actresses do that because it is part of their jobs to look good and they are paid millions to do that.

But for regular women, that would not be too good. We need to let our bodies naturally heal after nine months of carrying a child and after enduring the stress of labor and childbirth. We need to nourish our bodies so that we can soon get back on our feet and balance our attention between the new child and our husbands (yes, we should not forget that we are still wives). And for some of us who still work, that is another area that we have to tackle. So we need good nutrition and support.

Of course, we should not let weight gain get out of hand. We should also strike a balance with eating healthily and also getting ample exercise. But we should not be pressured to become waif-like in order to fit into bikinis. There are life-long side effects to this. So let us say no to mommy-rexia and stop being mommy-rexic. Let us go for a healthy pregnancy.

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