New Role Model

I ate a lot last night. The viand was Bicol Express but I thought I could not feed it to Dindin, so asked Manang Salvie to cook hotdog. At least it is not spicy. We did not have much left in the pantry so we have to make do. But when we got home, I realized I also wanted the salted egg salad with tomatoes. So I asked Manang Salvie to make it for us.

In then end, all these three combined enabled me to consume like maybe 3 cups of rice. I don’t know! I am not sure because I did not measure so there could have been more!

Anyway, after dinner I browsed around and came across the actress-model, Mischa Barton. Oh my goodness! She is soooo thin! I did not know her so I googled her up. I learned that she had been a television teen queen and did many stints but she went on a downward spiral. She is British but has grown up in American soil.

I was like gosh, she is soooo thin and I want her to be my new model. That is the body I want to achieve. Here she is:

So anyway, I called my husband and told him about her and how I want to put her photo on my desktop so as to remind me of my goal. My husband said, “You don’t need her. You can just put up your old photo there.” And I was like yeah, many people already raved with that photo of mine where I was very thin. Why not follow that or make that my goal, right? hehe

Going back to Mischa Barton. She is sooo thin, right? But you know what? People in Hollywood are buzzing because of her cellulite just below her bikini area. I am like, “What???” Oh c’mon you people in Hollywood. Give the girl a break. Is that the only thing you can see? No wonder girls in Hollywood go crazy trying to lose weight. I guess people are just jealous. Mischa is so sexy, tall, and beautiful. No wonder people are trying to find faults in her.

Anyway, what I like about Mischa Barton is her long and skinny silhouette. My silhouette will never be long. But at the very least, I can be a skinny girl. hehe I can do something about it.

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  1. Destiny says:

    Hey, subtle must be your mdilde name. Great post! Do follow her so that you can reach your weight loss goals! :d

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