Nine Ear Facts You Should Know Before Needing a Hearing Aid

Ear Care

Caring for your ears

Every part of our body is important. However, when they are working properly, then most likely, they will just be taken for granted. Take our ears for example, as long as we can hear fine and do not need a hearing aid, we do not really mind them. We wipe them after we take a bath and clean them intensively when they itch.

Now hear some ear-y fact about your precious hearing organs:

1. Cleaning the ears. There is nothing complicated with cleaning the ears.

1. Clean the ears properly. Cleaning up excess earwax in the shower is just about enough. How clean ears properly will be discussed in another article.

2. What the earwax is for is unknown. Some ears produce a lot, others don’t. But one good thing about earwax is that it protects our inner ear from bugs, especially if we sleep on the floor. They are also effectively in catching dirt and preventing them from reaching the sensitive parts.

3. The three smallest bones in the body are found in the ears. These three small bones are called the malleus, incus and stapes. They are also known as the hammer, anvil and stirrup, respectively. They amplify the sounds that we hear. If anything is broken, hearing will be greatly impaired. But thankfully, modern surgical procedures enable doctors to attach prosthetic bones to the ears.

4. Ear candling is not good. This is usually done in spas and alternative medical clinics. While practitioners and customers swear by their effects, there have also been injuries related to this treatment, such as burns, eardrum perforations, infections, and even hearing loss.

5. Don’t fly with stuffy ears. Flying with a head cold could be dangerous. The Eustachian tubes, which act like a pressure-release valve when the plane has altitude changes on a plane, could be unable to release the pressure if you have a cold. Your eardrums could be ruptured.

6. Ears affect taste. When the ear is affected, it could also affect your sense of taste because there are nerves that connect the taste buds in front of the tongue to the brain. These rune through the middle ear and so if the ear is affected, these will fail to send the proper signals to the brain

7. The eardrum is a thin layer. In reality, it is only three cell-layers thick and very fragile. So we should really avoid putting things in our ear because it can be easily damaged.

8. Ear pain can be a symptom of problem elsewhere in the body. While ear pain is associated with an ear infection, it could also be something totally different, like a kidney problem. There is a connection from the ear to anywhere in the abdominal area. So if you experience pain in the ear and you do not have an infection, then maybe your doctor should look somewhere else.

9. Hairspray can make your earwax stuck. If hairspray can make your hair stick, it can also do the same to your earwax. So if you can, avoid using hairspray often. If you do, cover your ears with cotton before spraying.

Let’s take care of our ears before we lose our hearing. Hearing aids are not only expensive, they are also inconvenient and sometimes uncomfortable.

Source: Yahoo Health

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