Tan Time Coming

G.P. — The summer months are coming. And naturally, it is tan time! Yeah, it is time to take off those heavy pieces of clothing, show some skin, and soak in the rays of the sun for a healthy glow.

But other prefers a deeper color. So, lugging their rel="dofollow">non woven tote bags, they hit the beach early in the morning and stay on the sand under the heat of the sun until it finally sets. haha

It is a wonderful and liberating feeling to just stay there under the sun but we have to be careful because of the diseases that can come out of it. Some people, like me are allergic to the sun, so it is really frustrating. A few minutes of exposure can cause me some rashes. If I stay too long out there, then I would itch all over, including my scalp. And this sun rash does not go away for a long time, like several weeks. They say that the prevention of a sun rash includes wearing a rash guard and some thick sun cream, but hey, I can’t go out like a ninja! Yeah, it is the exposed areas that get rashes.

In some cases, people are so engrossed with lying and relaxing on the beach that they make the mistake of applying sun cream only once throughout the day. And they do not re-apply even if they go swimming. That is a big no-no. The higher the SPF means that is how long you can expose yourself under the sun without having to re-apply sun protection. So, if your lotion is SPF 45, it’s okay to stay for about 45 minutes. Then re-apply your lotion. If you go swimming, then you will have to re-apply, too.

Stay safe under the sun and avoid getting skin problems by using a high SPF sun cream or lotion. Have fun!

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Health Benefits of Jackfruit

I love jackfruit! The sweet, succulent, and aromatic fruit is just soooo yummy, whether eaten fresh or candied. Back at my parents’ home, I remember growing up with these fruits because we have several of these fruit trees in our backyard.

But while I enjoyed eating them, I did not really about its health benefits…well not until today. I read this in a Facebook article and I am sharing the important parts here. I do not really know who originally wrote the article, but I am just happy that one of my favorite tropical fruits is actually very healthy.

The edible part of jackfruit. Photo from wikipedia.

1. It strengthens the immune system because jackfruit is a rich source of vitamin C.
2. It is rich in antioxidants like lignans, isoflavones and saponins, so it protect the body against cancer.
3. Jackfruit aids in digestion and contains anti-ulcer properties that help cure ulcers and digestive disorders.
4. It is rich in Vitamin A that is good for the eyes and skin.
5. The sweetness in jackfruit comes from its high fructose and sucrose content that gives the body ample energy.
6. Jackfruit has high potassium content that is supposed to help lower blood pressure.
8. Jackfruit is also rich in magnesium, iron, copper, and microminerals.

Woohoo! How cool is that! Jackfruit–you’re the fruit!

But I have one problem with the jackfruit though. While it smells so good (I know, the aromatic smell is subjective) when ripe, I don’t like how its smell affects my pee. As in my urine smells so bad after eating jackfruit and it permeates the whole toilet! Well, it does pass but you just have to endure it because despite spraying the toilet with air freshener, the smell seems to linger. But well, if jackfruit is good for the health, then for sure I will keep on eating it. hehe

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Juicing Fruits and Vegetables

Now the battle is making the right food choices.

Since the emergence of fast food chains, more and more people have chosen the fast-serving avenue in exchange for the time that they can use right now for something else than preparing healthy food.

When the fast food chains became popular, it also became the beginning of our health decline as more people embraced the idea of literally having food served fast. And we bought the idea with happy faces.

More often than not, it was the Western diet generally invented food packed with harmful ingredients. Although they taste good when eaten, these ingredients do a lot of harm in our bodies. These bad things make people obese and even depressed. Even the generally healthy Japanese who habitually drank tea started to go overweight when the famous McFastfood entered their country. Sadly, the habit resulted to several different complications and many people are dying of cancer.

It is really time for us to take our health seriously. We should get good nutrition back into our diets. Eating fruits and vegetables is very good but when one is already sick, it is not enough anymore.

That is where juicing comes in. Fruits and vegetables have to be juiced so that the body will not have to break them down into small particles just to get the nutrients. By juicing, it is easier for the body to absorb even the smallest nutrients. And by doing so, the sick body parts get healed faster.

But it is not a one-time thing. Juicing should be a lifestyle so that the immune system will be strengthened and our agility will be restored. You will find that you can bend your knees with ease.

We can also splurge on a little junk food from time to time, but take note that every time you do, you weaken your body. So restore your body with health fruit and vegetable juices for better health.

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