Painful Feet From Too Much Weight

My feet are really painful. It feels like the pain comes from the bones of my feet.

This is especially apparent in the morning, right after I wake up. When I step on the floor, I would cringe and then I would limp going to the toilet. But after a while of walking around, the pain would go away.

I could cite many reasons for this, but I think that the main reason for this is my weight. I have a heavy torso but my legs and feet are so small, so naturally, my extremities will feel the brunt of it.

And it doesn’t help that I am carrying around my youngest daughter most of the time. She is not really that heavy but because of my weight plus hers, then my feet are taking the toll.

Sigh…I know, I should lose weight. hehe That is the most logical solution. I so wish…

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Preparing for Christmas

G.P. — Tomorrow is already September and I claim blessings and prosperity for the last leg of 2014 in Jesus’ name!

And when September comes, people are getting excited because Christmas is getting near! That is just how it is for people here in the Philippines. Filipinos love Christmas! It is the holiday season and so everything is being prepared for.

There is the food, the outfits, the gifts, and of course the decorations. In a few weeks’ time, people will be taking out their trees so that they can decorate it already. And for elf on the shelf, well you can add some but for us, we won’t have them. I just might buy a new tree and a Nativity set for the kids. I am soooo excited because this year we have two kids already! Yehey!!! :D

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Understanding Live Demo

Among other tools that can be used in better understanding forex, live demo is one of the best indeed. With this particular tool, you will experience like actual trading happens.

When it comes to making your understanding wide, live demo is indeed the best tool to have (you can try live demo at It allows you to learn how forex trading works in actual. Other than that, you also get to learn what the important things are to avoid and to take note.

Understanding how to use live demo will teach you to easily understand how actual forex works. What you can get out of using Live Demo has a lot of advantages. And the following are the things that you can benefit from it aside from learning what actual forex does.

  • Ready to Face Actual Trading

–          When you get to learn how to trade through the help of live demo, you will be ready to give a try of doing forex in actual then. As live demo teaches you how trading works and the flow of currencies, it will be easier for you then to adapt the environment of the actual trading.

  • Dos and Don’ts

–          Other than learning how forex trading works in the market, you will also learn what are the dos and don’ts to apply in making a successful career at forex trading.

  • Aware of Risks

–          By the time you understand now how forex trading works through the help of live demo; you will be aware of the risks and would be ready how to face it in case it occurs in your trading experience when you get to work with the actual trading then.

  • You can Prepare for strategies

–          In becoming successful in a particular industry, we use our own techniques and strategies we think we are comfortable of doing so. This applies to forex trading as well. When you use live demo, you will also get a chance to start up and plan for your strategies that you may apply when you get into the actual trading. You will learn what the important moves are and so as those that will just ruin your plans.

Live demo has advantages to offer indeed. It doesn’t just make you aware of how forex trading works but also teaches you to become successful in the field as well. Thus, make sure that when you use it, you really understand it well and accordingly.

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