If You Want to Be Lean Follow These Tips

In an article from Yahoo Health, I have read that Colorado has some of the leanest citizens in the entire America. They have the least percentage of obese people in the population. And the researchers found six reasons why Coloradans are lean.

1. Be active. They walk instead of riding. On the average, a Coloradan walks 6,500 steps daily.
2. Eat real food. They focus on the quality of the food that they eat more than the quality. So that means no junk and no processed foods.
3. Create your own healthy environment. They have nice parks and playgrounds all around and it is in these places that they they bond and do their physical exercises.
4. Stay true to your purpose. They are focused people. Being healthy gives them the energy to focus on the things that matter most to them.
5. Believe you can succeed.
6. Make healthy living fun. Well, this is something that I should really adapt. LOL Whenever someone mentions a “Fun Run”, my hubby and I think, where’s the fun in that? We should really change that mindset, especially that our work makes us stay in our seats for long periods of time.

I think that these are self-explanatory. And these are some things that we could learn from. 😀 Cheers to good health!

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5 Things Successful People Do Early in the Morning

Make the most of your day. Clock photo from the internet.

G.P. — Okay, I have to admit, I am a night person. I do my best work at night because it is quiet and well, the internet is working fast at night when there are not too many users.

But ever since I was a little girl, I have always heard stories about being early, starting out early, waking up early, and all those stuff with the word “early” as it is synonymous to success. As I grew older though and have to burn the midnight candle for school work and eventually for my job, the idea of waking up early is already giving me a headache.

Here, health experts have summed up what super successful people do before 8AM.

1. Do Exercise. They say that it does not have to involve hitting the gym. There is no particular exercise regimen either. All you have to do is wake up 15 minutes earlier than usual and do some stretching, jumping, or any activity that will get your heart pumping. I think I should do this. My wake up call is usually my daughter wanting to latch, but maybe, after she is done, I could do this. And then hit the shower afterwards for a refreshing day ahead. Right now, it’s 9am and my baby is sleeping in the carrier on my chest. And I haven’t taken a bath yet. Ewwww….

2. Make a Schedule of Your Day. And also set a schedule. They say that the best time to do it is during the morning during your quiet time. I will have to add to this. It should start with your prayer and meditation, followed by your planning session for the day. This should take another 15 minutes–depending on how long you want to spend time with God.

3. Eat a Healthy Breakfast. I think we all know what this means. For me, it is usually a harried breakfast, taking bites while walking to and fro preparing my kid to school and taking care of the baby. But well, I have to cope. This rather insane schedule will end soon when the baby grows a little older. Right now, we are still adjusting, especially that we sent the babysitter home last Monday only and it has only been 3 days ago.

4. Visualization. Visualize about your day and maybe about your future. This is part of your mental health workout.

5. Make Your Day Top Heavy. Do the task you hate most first in the day so that you will not end up procrastinating. That way, you will get to enjoy the tasks that you like until the end of the day. 😀 You may need some tools to get your job done easily and you may find them at reidsupply.com.

Wow! If I follow this, I can make the most of my time and be able to update my blogs even! Yey! I should do this myself!

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Intense Work Outs Help Keep the Weight Off

G.P. — I read somewhere that the intensity of the exercise routine is more important than the length in terms of keeping the weight off. It seems that no matter how long you stay at the gym but if the activities are not rigorous, you would not be likely to keep your desired weight.

High-impact exercises have been found to prevent weight gain in the long term. In my case, however, I could not handle high impact routines. Sure I can do aerobics or dance exercises, but that’s about it. What I could do, however, is to decrease my food intake and just increase my mobility around the house. That has always been effective for me in keeping the weight off. If I cheat even for just two consecutive meals, I will really notice the change.

My baby will be 1 month old next week. While I am already up and about, I really do not have much physical activities. The most tiring thing that I do all day is breastfeed. I think I should really make it a conscious effort to move some more starting next week. Maybe I should already start on some low-impact regimen, even if it is mostly stretches and a little aerobics and some steps on standsandmounts. Even if the activities are broken down throughout the day, I know that it can already affect my body on a positive way.

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