April Fools’ Fitness Day 2

We went home late last night, slept late, and of course, subsequently woke up late. I was then harassed in the morning because I had so many things to do.

Digestics–a probiotic and fiber supplement from Unilab.

And because I was harassed, I ate without thinking again and I also forgot to take my dose of Digestics Probiotic Supplement before breakfast. I read the instructions again and since it didn’t say that it should be taken before meals, I took it with a glass of water after my breakfast. But nothing happened. I wanted to move today because I ate a lot of oily and grilled stuff last night.

So anyway, before lunch I took another dose because up to two sachets are allowed per day. And soon after lunch, I had to dash to the toilet. Weee Soooo happy. What I like about Digestics is that, after you have moved your bowels, you feel clean and fresh and there is no feeling of an upset tummy all day, like when you take those slimming teas that contain Senna herb.

Sadly, I still ate rice for lunch and dinner. Ugh…I have been eating rice for about 3 weeks only up to today and it is hard to break the habit already. My bad. And well, I had chocolate after lunch and dinner, too.

But in the afternoon, I brought my kids for a stroll at the park and I managed to have about 15 minutes of brisk walking and 40 minutes of just strolling around while carrying my 7-kg baby on a carried in front of me. It is like weight and strength training for me. I had a good sweat because it was pretty hot.

If there is anything that I am feeling right now with this fitness thing is that I am feeling good. It is not about the losing weight per se anymore, it is about fitness and good health. I feel a wee bit stronger and energized, even if it is only Day 2. I am not as lethargic as before. I really hope I can continue this lifestyle. I don’t feel deprived and I feel good.

I just still wish I can lessen my portions tomorrow.

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April Fools’ Fitness Day 1

It’s April 2 today, I know.

But you see, yesterday I posted on my Facebook status that “Tomorrow, I will start my diet. Jowk.” Then many people, my husband included, reacted saying that instead of making it an April Fool’s Day prank, why not make it real? I just replied to my hubby — :-p.

Honestly, I got to thinking about it. Why not, huh? I have always said that I will start my diet tomorrow, but it seems tomorrow never comes.

Today, however, was kinda different. I did come through. I have decided not to go on any crash diet anymore. I know the things that I should do to lose weight. The problems are willingness, determination, self-control, and partly circumstance. I am breastfeeding and taking care of my handful of a baby that when I get tired, I am also hungry. Then I would stuff anything and everything in my mouth. But I know that I can find a way around it, if only I am willing to do it.

Digestics Probiotic and Fiber supplement by Unilab.

Anyway, this morning when I woke up, I drank a glass of water with Digestics Probiotic Supplement. I got 21 sachets in the mail yesterday from Unilab and I thought everything is perfect. This is the perfect timing. I can do this for 21 days and see the results. You see, constipation is a big problem of mine so this is going to be a great help. Digestics is a combination of probiotics and fiber, so this should really be good.

Then I ate a sandwich of white bread and egg spread. Not a very healthy meal for the diet conscious person, but the thing is portion control. I did not eat anything else. After that, I spent 10 minutes on our exercise machine called the Timeworx. That got my heart pumping and my sweat dripping. Then, it was time to move the you know what. Great start for the morning!

Now, let’s see what happens for the rest of the day. Wish me well for my 21-day regimen.

Starting weight: 120 lbs.
Target weight: 110 lbs.

The first day of my #Aprilfoolsdiet ended with barbecued baby back ribs, Hungarian sausage, chicken inasal, and Cebu chorizo with 1 cup rice for dinner. Nice! At least we didn’t have dessert. But I was able to go on a stroll with my family at the park and was able to burn some calories, primarily because it was so hot. LOL

I hope to do better tomorrow, at least with more minutes on the Timeworx. And maybe I could do away with the rice. That is my real enemy. hehe

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Naturhouse of Spain Plans Expansion in the Philippines

The Spanish dietetics specialist Naturhouse is looking to further expand its presence in Asia, particularly in the Philippines, with its first shop scheduled to open on April 6, 2014.

Naturhouse has expressed bullishness on the Philippine market, saying that Filipinos are now ready for the type of unique health and wellness service that they can provide. “Filipinos have been very health conscious (for) the past few years and we took note of this in our preparations,” revealed Jon Rocha, Naturhouse Philippines President. It speaks a lot about the increased awareness and desire of Filipinos towards living a healthy lifestyle, which is what Naturhouse is really all about, the press release from the company said.

Dietetics is defined the “science of applying nutritional principles to the planning and preparation of foods and regulation of the diet in relation to both health and disease,” the press release continues.

Naturhouse–Experts in healthy eating.

Naturhouse believes in the potential of their company in the Philippines and they expect to reach more than €2 million in the coming years. They play to slowly expand northward and southward to other urban centers. “We will not only introduce a way of living healthy to the Philippine market, but also create jobs in the process,” Rocha adds.

Through the years, a marked increase in cases of non-communicable, chronic, and lifestyle diseases have been observed globally, particularly in the Philippines. More than 44 million Filipinos either suffer from obesity, heart disease, stroke, diabetes, cancer, and chronic respiratory diseases, according to data from the Department of Health (DOH).

Because of this, the World Health Organization (WHO), through the DOH, commissioned the Nutritionist-Dietitian’s Association of the Philippines to establish a set of guidelines on healthy eating that will serve as a basis for a certification program for food manufacturers and establishments.

At Naturhouse, their diets are geared toward the promotion of healthy living among Filipinos. A nutritionist will guide every client to reach their desired weight goals and there will be no crash diets or hit-miss diets, said Melody Melo, Head Nutritionist for Naturhouse. And that is the Naturhouse difference.

Naturhouse will provide specific nutritional guidelines that have been developed by dietary professionals. They will provide advice and details on how to lose weight and address issues like stress and cellulite, among others. Each solution is designed with specific nutritional characteristics in order to speed up the required results in each case.

“It is our mission to educate people how to eat properly and how to retain their ideal weight,” said Rick Cabanban, Lead project manager for the of Naturhouse Philippines operations who trained in the company’s Spain and France offices.

Naturhouse is owned by the Kiluva Group of Spain, the leading Spanish corporation in dietetics and nutrition sector. It provides specialized services and exclusive products of the highest quality for the health conscious markets such as Naturhouse. In the Philippines, C.F. Sharp Trading, Inc. is the Master Franchise holder of Naturhouse.

At present, Naturhouse has 2,000 establishments around the world. Nearly 900 of these establishments are located outside of Spain. In 2011 alone, over 240 shops have been opened abroad. The company estimates that the company already has more than 4 million satisfied clients from around the globe, having lost weight through the Naturhouse method.

Aside from the Philippines, Naturhouse is also expanding in other Asian markets such as China, Malaysia and Singapore pretty soon.

Please like Naturhouse on Facebook.

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