Juicing Fruits and Vegetables

Now the battle is making the right food choices.

Since the emergence of fast food chains, more and more people have chosen the fast-serving avenue in exchange for the time that they can use right now for something else than preparing healthy food.

When the fast food chains became popular, it also became the beginning of our health decline as more people embraced the idea of literally having food served fast. And we bought the idea with happy faces.

More often than not, it was the Western diet generally invented food packed with harmful ingredients. Although they taste good when eaten, these ingredients do a lot of harm in our bodies. These bad things make people obese and even depressed. Even the generally healthy Japanese who habitually drank tea started to go overweight when the famous McFastfood entered their country. Sadly, the habit resulted to several different complications and many people are dying of cancer.

It is really time for us to take our health seriously. We should get good nutrition back into our diets. Eating fruits and vegetables is very good but when one is already sick, it is not enough anymore.

That is where juicing comes in. Fruits and vegetables have to be juiced so that the body will not have to break them down into small particles just to get the nutrients. By juicing, it is easier for the body to absorb even the smallest nutrients. And by doing so, the sick body parts get healed faster.

But it is not a one-time thing. Juicing should be a lifestyle so that the immune system will be strengthened and our agility will be restored. You will find that you can bend your knees with ease.

We can also splurge on a little junk food from time to time, but take note that every time you do, you weaken your body. So restore your body with health fruit and vegetable juices for better health.

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NasoClear Nasal Spray for Prevention of Allergic Rhinitis

NasoClear Saline Solution Nasal Spray by Unilab

Allergic rhinitis is a problem here at home for my husband, my eldest daughter and myself. In the past, NasoClear was given to us in order to clear clogged nostrils and aid in breathing normally during those times when we have colds.

But what I didn’t know was that it could also be used to prevent allergic rhinitis. Below is a video on why a saline spray like NasoClear can help us city dwellers breathe better:

I let my 5-year-old daughter watch this and halfway through it, she already asked, “Where’s our NasoClear?” She already wants to spray her nose. LOL

Last week, we started using NasoClear even if we didn’t have symptoms of allergic rhinitis. After the first application, my daughter said she felt “Ok.” In my case, I sneezed a lot and had to blow the contents of my nose many times. I think my clogged sinuses became “unclogged”. You see, sometimes, even if I don’t have colds, I still sound like I’m holding my nose when talking. I am guessing that my sinuses are clogged. As I continued using the spray twice a day, the irritation stopped.

In my husband’s case, he used the spray once or twice a day, if and when he remembers. And tonight, he just suddenly said that his nose feels clear after he was able to blow out some mucus. As far as I can remember, my husband has always complained that he feels there is something blocking in his nostrils that no matter how he blows his nose, it is still there. He is so OC about it. One time he even said that it would give him great satisfaction when his nose would clear. I told him it must be because of his deviated septum (a condition of the nose). He refuted it. So I was happy that tonight he was able to easily blow his nose and felt relief. I wonder if it was because of the regular application of NasoClear? Hubby said that we cannot really conclude it at this point, having used it only for about a week. But I really think it helped because he has never told me how relieved he felt–not until tonight. 😀

How to use NasoClear effectively:
Before you use NasoClear, blow your nose to make sure that there is no mucus inside your nostrils. Cover one nostril and spray NasoClear directly into the other and inhale slowly. Breathe out through your mouth, spray once more, and breathe out through the mouth. Repeat the process on the other nostril. Don’t breathe in quickly as the solution will just go to the back of your mouth and you will swallow it without cleaning your nose. You may feel the need to blow your nose afterwards. If not, just let it be.

Correct application of NasoClear. First time hubby used NasoClear just right after he woke up.

I like the fact that the NasoClear bottle has a safety cap and clip to prevent it from spraying accidentally especially if placed inside your bag.

NasoClear comes in a small and slim 30ml bottle with spray that you can easily bring it wherever go. So when you feel your nose needs cleaning, you can immediately spritz your nose and feel relief so that the allergic attack will be curtailed. This will surely be in our bag especially when we are going to travel this summer so that our activities will not be hampered by allergies.

From now on, we will always have a NasoClear Spray at home, whether or not we have colds. I think it is the best way to prevent allergic rhinitis.

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April Fools’ Fitness Day 3 and 4

This morning, I weighed myself and guess what? I already lost almost a pound! And it has only been four days. In the fact, I would feel bad about this because in my no-carb diet, I could lose a pound a day. But I believe that this is a far better fitness plan because I eat everything, even dessert for lunch and dinner, just in controlled portions.

The best thing about this whole fitness regimen is, I have more energy than I normally have. Sleeping about 7 hours per night, I no longer need to take afternoon naps. In the past, no matter how long I sleep at night, I have to take an afternoon nap. Otherwise, I would get cranky and even dizzy to the point of developing a bad headache by late afternoon. And then by 10pm, I am already so tired and sleepy that whenever I breastfeed my baby, I would fall asleep, too.

But now, I feel so much better. I still take Digestics Probiotic Supplement and BM is regular, once a day. I can still stay up late around 12 midnight to work and then just wake up around 8am the next day, or when my kids wake up, whichever comes first.

I just love the feeling!

Right now, I am trying to remove some things in my diet, like pork. But I ate chicken with the skin and I still eat junk food. I even had midnight snacks of junk food the other night. Just little by little, okay? So that I will not have too many withdrawal symptoms to handle.

I am just happy that now, I can keep up with my children. Today, because I no longer need a nap, we were able to go to the mall early, about after lunch and we had a lot of time to go around to see what we wanted and buy the things we needed without rushing because it’s already late.

So happy that I feel good. Onwards to being a fitter mom! 😀

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