Seven Weight Loss Tips

I recently read online that there are seven things that we can do in order to help our weight loss efforts. They may not make you like a supermodel but at least, they will help whatever you are doing.

1. Herbal tea and water should be your only choice for drinks. Well, I drink 1 cup of coffee each day and yeah, I also drink tea at night.

2. Use chopsticks when eating. I do notice that if I eat from a bowl using chopsticks, I feel full quickly. Nevertheless, I still eat a lot.

3. Work out several times a day, like spending 3-5 minutesĀ  every hour or so jumping, running up and down the stairs, or just squatting. I used to do this and this was very effective. And I have to do it again.

4. Eat good fat. Not all kinds of fat are bad. We also need it for our bodies to function properly. Eat foods like avocado and fish.

5. Run, jump, or rebound (like on a trampoline). These are exercises for the lymphatic system that boosts metabolism. I should do this.

6. The magic of cinnamon. It seems that cinnamon is good in controlling the insulin fluctuations in the body and therefore reduces craving.

7. Cream and other creamy foods should be avoided. So if it looks creamy, stay away from it.




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