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Extreme Weight Loss Measures

Last time, I have achieved my weight loss goals in the sense that I have already lost 10 lbs and was on my way to losing more. I don’t really want to be super skinny, I just want to go … Continue reading

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MyoRipped for Bodybuilding

Many people, especially men, want to get ripped. No, that’s not a ripped wallet or ripped clothes. Ripped means becoming lean and muscular, like having ripples all over the right areas in your body. That is also called bodybuilding. In … Continue reading

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Bodybuilding Secrets Revealed

Bodybuilders the world over swear by many things. They insist on wearing the right clothing, from trainers to gloves and vests. They meticulously plan when they work out. They also know what supplements to take to assist them with their … Continue reading

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