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If You Want to Be Lean Follow These Tips

In an article from Yahoo Health, I have read that Colorado has some of the leanest citizens in the entire America. They have the least percentage of obese people in the population. And the researchers found six reasons why Coloradans … Continue reading

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Intense Work Outs Help Keep the Weight Off

G.P. — I read somewhere that the intensity of the exercise routine is more important than the length in terms of keeping the weight off. It seems that no matter how long you stay at the gym but if the … Continue reading

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Gained 5 lbs Again

I have actually lost more than 10 lbs already. I have maintained it at 114-115 lbs. But now, I am up to 118 again!!! Blame it on the holiday parties and the occasional binges with my hubby. Today, I gotta … Continue reading

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