The Biggest Loser Philippines: New Inspiration

It is nice to watch The Biggest Loser Philippines Edition on late night TV. While watching the contestatns break their backs in order to beat the challenges, my sister-in-law and I also try work out as much as we can.

We do not really have a formal workout regimen, we just try to move our bodies as much as we can in order to burn calories as much as we can. After all, we are not really aiming to become the next Victoria’s Secret bikini model for their summer collection, but we just want to lose some weight because we are now both overweight. And it is not healthy anymore. And we are both carrying unsightly bulges.

Well, it is nice to watch the show aired on ABS-CBN. We admire the perseverance of the contestants. But we also wish that we can do that–just spend the day dieting and exercising without having to think of work. LOL Maybe we should join that, no? hehe

At least, The Biggest Loser is proving to be an inspiration to people who are trying to lose weight. Perhaps, we can also pick up a tip or two on diet and exercise.

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