Too Much Alcohol is Bad for the Health

Needless to say, too much alcohol is bad for the health. There are just so many health implications.

Excessive alcohol intake can causes cancer in many different internal organs like the kidneys, stomach, and liver. It can lead to gastritis and cirrhosis of the liver. Additionally it can alter the efficient digestion of nutrients that our body needs to be healthy.

In the brain, alcoholism causes severe neuron damage that can lead to the alteration in our bodily movements, depression, and loss of appetite.

Psychologically, alcoholism causes depression and increases anxiety. It can also cause family, marital, and legal problems, because alcoholism begets violence, behavioral changes, suicide, and many other things.

Take for example, Prince Pierre Casiraghi of Monaco. He and his friend Stavros Niarchos III got involved in a brawl in a New York bar with an older guy named Adam Hock–a former bar owner. Though it is not clear as to how the fight started because of the conflicting stories from different sides, one thing is clear–to much alcohol can go to the head. Hock is now facing four charges of assault while Prince Pierre is in the hospital because of the many injuries he sustained.

So before thinking of taking in too much alcohol, why not pour it in your garden and use it as crabgrass killer.

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11 Responses to Too Much Alcohol is Bad for the Health

  1. Kat says:

    I’m so thankful I’ve never learned to drink, not even socially. If a must, say for a business meeting, I can drink a shot or two but that’s it. I’ve never gotten drunk (and people have tried to get me drunk) but still, I don’t like the taste of it.

  2. Matsumoto says:

    Even if alcohol is good for the health I wouldn’t like the taste, whichever kind…lol. KJ ko! 😀 but one glass of wine is good, so the bible says…hmmm.

  3. I am not superfond of alcohol eh unless it’s really sweet.

  4. Josie says:

    as much as possible avoid getting drunk, a sip or two is good enough and for the health but if more than.. not good

  5. Twenteen Mom says:

    Your post reminds me of my alcoholic uncle. Nagkaroon sya ng TB because of excessive alcohol intake. It was really painful seeing him suffer. Ayaw kasi makinig kaya ayan tuloy. :(

  6. rachelle says:

    hmm… I drink socially but not too much. I know how much alcohol my body can sustain. I once got drunk and never did it again. It’s really hard to control one’s self when you get drunk.

  7. joy says:

    i am only a social drinker but i do not drink much because i do not like the feeling of having hangovers ahihi

  8. blankpixels says:

    I think I was a bit of an alcoholic in my younger years (18 to 24). My friends did get into trouble back then when we go drinking at bars so we opted to party away at our house like every other day. My parents were okay with it as long as they see me and not worry about me getting drunk. hehehe.

    I decided to stop my excessive drinking and now, I still drink, but only when there’s a special occasion… strictly. I do enjoy a little red wine here and there because it’s good for the heart.

    Excess of anything is really bad for us. It’s all about proportion control. 😉

  9. cherry says:

    too much of anything is really bad. i rarely drink which is a good thing. and i don’t have plans of drinking excessively. besides i don’t like the taste of alcohol and the hangover that comes after. =)

  10. Divine C. says:

    I stopped drinking alcohol since I got pregnant on my first child. Even before, I don’t drink excessively because it caused me acidity. I rather eat many pulutan than drink alcohol. Hehehe… However, I am a hard drink consumer and I got easily drunk even with one bottle of beer. Now, from time to time, I am a wine buddy of my hubby.

  11. LOURDES says:

    I agree that alcohol does nothing for us. You can drink occasionally but don’t make it a habit. It doesn’t even taste good.

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