Undergoing a 100 Grams Oral Glucose Tolerance Test (OGTT)

Yesterday, I went back to the laboratory in order to undergo the 100 Grams Oral Glucose Tolerance Test (OGTT). My blood sugar levels are not that high at FBS 97 last Monday, but my OB just wanted to be sure and recommended that. Because if ever, she will refer me to an endocrinologist.

In the end, my results are normal. But since my FBS result is elevated, the only solution is to go on a DIET! My OB-Gyne said that it is the easiest recourse but the hardest to do.

Today, I already started a healthier habit. Hopefully, I can maintain this.

What is OGTT or the Oral Glucose Tolerance Test?
According to trusty Wikipedia,

A glucose tolerance test is a medical test in which glucose is given and blood samples taken afterward to determine how quickly it is cleared from the blood. The test is usually used to test for diabetes, insulin resistance, and sometimes reactive hypoglycemia and acromegaly, or rarer disorders of carbohydrate metabolism. In the most commonly performed version of the test, an oral glucose tolerance test (OGTT), a standard dose of glucose is ingested by mouth and blood levels are checked two hours later. Many variations of the GTT have been devised over the years for various purposes, with different standard doses of glucose, different routes of administration, different intervals and durations of sampling, and various substances measured in addition to blood glucose.

OGTT Procedure
Anyway, the test was really a bummer because fasting was required. My last meal was around
7pm and was not allowed any more intake, including water. Well, some sips of water were allowed but I could not drink glasses full.

I went to the lab around 6:45am but was not served around 7:15, when my first vial of blood was drawn. Then I was made to drink one glass of solution with 100 grams glucose. The medical technologist was really watching me as I drank. She kept on reminding me not to throw up otherwise we will have to do everything all over again.

When I downed the glass, I was told to wait for another hour. I had to stay put so that results were not altered. After the first drawing of blood, I will have to undergo three more extractions in the next three hours–one per hour. Bummer. So I stayed at the lab until past 10am.

My left arm was already sore because they could not extract from my right arm, so all four extractions were done on my left arm. And since I already had one extraction the other day, my left arm incurred five blood extractions in just two days. The inside of my arm was really sore so I was advised to do cold compress on the area so that it will not have hematoma.

Thankfully, everything went well and my results are fine. Just have to go on a diet though and have to sleep early at night.

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